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  • Ultraviolet Water Treatment Products Replacement Parts

    Customized Lamps and Power Supplies
    Knowledge Makes the Difference

    baffle replacement partAdvanced UV's matched power supplies and lamps are of the highest performing ultraviolet systems available. We measure lamp output specifications based on application use in water, not air, therefore performance data is actual, not interpolated.

    Based on this real data, we developed a matched lamp and ballast design. High-performance, low-pressure lamps are coupled with electronic ballasts that produce the highest intensity levels. The custom ballasts are matched for specific applications, increasing performance by 20% or more over leading electronic ballasts and other generic electronic ballasts.

    By driving the lamps correctly, we can guarantee a lamp life of 9000 hours, better TOC reduction, and less maintenance and long-term energy costs.

    Make Your Retrofit an Upgrade

    To enjoy the benefits of lower operating costs, higher UV performance, and maximized energy conservation, retrofit your UV systems with Advanced UV lamps and matched ballasts. Our costs are competitive with leading suppliers, but your performance levels will be far greater.